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Protein Decoded
Protein Decoded

Vesta - New generation of Plant-based Meat

Vesta’s full range of plant-based protein products are independently developed from cradle to grave, recombining carefully selected local vegetable proteins, simulating the aroma and color of animal meat, and optimizing nutritional composition. Committed to the creation of a new generation of plant protein products, Vesta Food Lab is on a mission to “meat” a healthier future of food.

What is our plant-based meat made of?

Vesta’s full range of vegetable protein produts is independently researched and developed of non-GMO soybean protein from trusted local producers. Vesta’s exclusive formula pays special attention to the nutrtional value of its product, using self-developped JUTEUMAX intelligent succulence & ZENNOBIND sensible hydrocolloid techno-solutions to make sure our products provide better nutrtional values while our clients could enjoy a similar meaty flavor. It is supplemented with coconut oil and sunflower oil, which help create irrisitable flavors and mouth-watering juiciness.

Is plant meat delicious?

It’s pretty good tasting

                  —— Bill Gates

What are the benefits of plant-based meat?

People pay more and more attention to a healthy diet. Compared to animal meat, plant-based meat has reduced cholesterol, fat and calories. More importantly, they contain zero antibiotics, animal hormones, etc. Vesta aims to enrich customer choices with an alternative, new source of protein, and a future food trend.

Vesta Use Cases

Pan-fried Brioche

The Signature Dim Sum Dish of Shanghai

Juicy and flavorful Vesta farce wrapped in semi-fermented dough sheets, fried in an oven pan, drizzled with cold water several times to make sure the bun stay soft and silky, with a finishing touch green onions and sesame seeds sprinkled on top. The pan-fried brioche is served with a thin crispy bottom.

Beef Crumbles for Bolognese Sauce

The first occidental dishe that gained its popularity in modern China. The dish shares a lot of similarities with Chinese noodles. We use Vesta beef crumbles in DOP certified bolognese sauce recipe. The rich flavour and the burnt red color perfectly blend together to create a mellow scent. If you’re a noodle lover, you’ll love it.

Luncheon Meat

The Nationwide Versatile Accompany of Chinese Cuisine Whether it is shabu-shabu, Si-Chuan hot-pot, instant noodle or a homemade sandwiches, Chinese consumers simply love luncheon meat. However, preservatives such as sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite raise serious health concerns. Such additives are proven harmful to the human body over long-term. Vesta’s vegan luncheon meat is formulated without any harmful additives, its tender taste, braised or fried, are all delicious to open up the another healthy choice.


The Most Important Staple Food of Chinese Food Culture Chinese dumplings are irreplaceable festive traditions. The filling is the key to the success of a dumpling. Vesta has studied dumpling fillings from over 10 regions to create this new formula of plant pork meat that mimics real pork.